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3 Mistakes that Can Kill Your Product Launch Event

Developing a unique product is hard work.

In most industries today, there are companies with decades of experience that have almost perfected their practices and that hold a tight grip on their market share.

So when you do develop a product that has the potential to break in, you better make sure to give it the best change possible by making the product launch event generate as much buzz in the industry as possible.

No mistakes can be allowed, so here are three of the most common ones that can ruin your product launch and thus should be avoided:

Not Enough Preparation

Getting a head start on your product launch event preparations is probably half the job – there’s a lot that goes into putting together a strong launch campaign, and thus it usually requires at least a few months to organise.

Before anything else can be put into motion and before the product is even close to being launched, you should already have at least a general plan of how it’s going down. Best time to launch, different ways to reach the audience, products’ place in the market and many other complex areas have to be thought about before any actual work can be done.

But even before all of that, there are several fundamental aspects to planning an event that require extensive preparations and need to be handled professionally:

Finding the right venue for the event can make or break the entire evening – figuring out the most convenient location for the hosts (and for possible exposure), making a comprehensive list of venue requirements like size, facilities, equipment all play a role in the selection process.
Also, the event will most likely need hosts, speakers and sales staff to attend to the guests.
Getting the right suppliers on board is also critical – food, entertainment and anything else you might need plays a vital role in the event management process – you need suppliers with experience in your field, who specialise in product launch events and can provide a quality service for a reasonable price.
So unless you have extensive experience in product launch event management, it’s probably a good idea to hire a professional in the product launch industry to handle your campaign.

Feature the Product Properly

If you’re going to throw an elaborate product launch event, you better make sure that you take full advantage of it. At the event, your product must be prominently featured, and sufficient copies of it must be made available for the guests to get a personal feel for what it’s all about.

After all, it’s one thing to hear about something, and a totally different one to actually feel and explore it yourself.

Of course, that does not mean that you shouldn’t present your product as thoroughly as possible – as the old salesmen saying goes, “the more you tell, the more you sell”.

Poor Initial Delivery

Finally, if you do a good job on the planning part and the product launch event becomes a hit in the industry, you should be getting plenty of orders. And while this is obviously great news, it’s also the time when permanent damage can be done to the image of your product and even your brand, if you would fail to deliver.

Many great products have gotten a bad rep for poorly set-up order/delivery funnels and weren’t able to recover.

So before your event date even starts approaching, you have to make sure that your storage, shipping and customer support staff are all prepared to handle big volumes of orders.

alive event agency has produced countless local and international product launch events in Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia-wide. Feel free to ask for advice. You may also view some of the product launch events produced by alive here: Product Launch