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What is an Event Manager

What is an event manager? From a birthday party to a fashion runway show, sporting event or car launch, events vary in theme, style and requirements enormously however, many of the processes, systems and management techniques applied to each can be similar.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that with a team of staff, a professional event manager can take around 150 hours to plan and execute an event.

$500 billion dollars is spent on special events globally each year

It takes a certain personality to a) want to get in to the events industry and b) to survive! Long hours, stress and a fast paced world are standard but the rewards can be terrific. The work is more than a job, you need to be passionate about it as a career and enjoy the roller coaster ride that you are on!

If I were looking to hire an event manager I would be looking for someone with proven attention to detail, great at time management, a courageous heart, nerves of steel, a good decision maker, an excellent communicator, a real people person and have a creative flair. They would also need to be resourceful, flexible, remain calm under pressure, adapt to change and be systems driven.

Are you starting to get the picture of what and who an event manager is? It’s a lot to ask isn’t!!

An event manager or event agency is often tasked with producing all elements of creating a successful event. Usually the project begins with ideation and research followed by design and venue procurement. The many variable elements could include technical AV production, entertainment, event theming, and presentations and have course food and beverage. Transport and accommodation may be required as well as invitation design, printing and RSVP management. Staff management is essential as is budgeting and creating event plans. Detailed insurance, safety and risk management should also be addressed. When it comes to the big day, extensive supervision, briefing and evaluation needs to take place and at the end, a comprehensive de briefing report.

An event manager can choose from a variety of specialist areas within the industry. These include conferences, seminars, meetings, team building, trade shows, business dinners, business events, sporting events, private events, media events, incentive, product launches, openings / launch events, themed parties, VIP events, trade fairs, award ceremonies and private events.

A couple of my favorite proverbs that I like to apply to Event Management:

“what is not on paper has not been said”
“Feather and down are padding – changes and contingencies will be real events.
“the more you plan the luckier you get”

Written by: Antony HampelEvent Manager Sydney