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Event Management

What is event management

What is event management? An event manager’s work is challenging, diverse and rewarding. They design and deliver events that appeal to diverse audiences, create entertainment content, travel planning, select appropriate venues, enable adequate safety and security for guests and working staff, manage supply chains and stakeholders, co ordinate technical and AV production, minimize environmental impact of the event activation, ensure the event meets expectations and is delivered on time and on budget.

A broad set of knowledge and skills are required to ensure effective event management. As the type of event required can vary so much, it’s important to be able to apply design, marketing, communication, innovation and planning skills as these will be called upon in most instances.

Benefits of hiring an event management agency

Event Managers are usually hired when an individual or company realizes that they lack the expertise and time to plan their events. An Event Manager can provide the resources, research, time and skills that the event deserves to ensure success.

The Event Management Agency will have a network of trusted vendors and suppliers, high standards of frontline management, experience in managing event budgets and of course great organizational skills!

By hiring an Event Management Company, the client is left to focus on their job without stressing and worrying about all the elements that need to be combined to create a successful event. It is also important that the client is able to enjoy or/and effectively network at their event by leaving the operational side of things to the Event Agency to ensure all runs to plan.

Challenges of event management:

There are many challenges to overcome in producing a great event. Communication can be a central theme around these challenges including clients who provide confusing objectives in their briefs and suppliers who do not read or engage properly in the written and/or verbal communications from the Event Management Agency.

Budget restrictions can also be a challenge and so it’s important that the Event Management Agency establishes realistic objectives and desired outcomes that are aligned with the budget.

These days less and less time is given by the client to the Event Manager for turning around ideas and costs and this can become a real challenge and limit best ideation or competitive costing.

Written by: Antony Hampel