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    What’s Hot and What’s Not for 2020 Events

    Event planners like to stay ahead of the curve. Nobody wants to be putting on an event extravaganza that they’ve seen before, or is on the nose. So, what’s in and what’s out for event planning at the turn of the 20s. At Alive, we believe the experience is everything. Which means we’re dead set about being current, progressive, bold and surprising. Stale can get in the bin.

    Here’s the ‘hot or not’ checklist for marketers who want to make magic and memories – gauging the temperature on what’s on the up, and out the door for events.



    As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, sustainability has become the new ‘black’ for events. Can the event be held locally to avoid flying? Is plastic necessary? Can all marketing material including invites be sent electronically to avoid print waste?




    Humans are curious creatures. And we do like a surprise. Though it’s getting harder to create them with the answer to all your questions at the end of a Google search. If you can build mystery about your event – who’s on the line up, what’s behind the curtain, where is the secret venue – you can drive mystery and gather momentum, building up to an exciting reveal.


    Teaming up with a chef or a pop-up, can be an exciting way to change up the menu. Ikea did with with a Chinese Lunar Buffet in 2020. Indigenous restaurant Orana also took over Sydney for a month with its native dishes including crocodile soup and green tree ant damper.


    There’s so many ways to use tech to create connection. AR and VR transports guests to another world for a thrilling brand experience. Facial recognition, helps both with security lists and improving your social media reach by being able to tag people in your event photos.


    Mid-century vibes continue to shine, especially retro neon signage. It’s a simple way to add some glamour and easy to custom order to signpost your event.


    Sweet Escape



    Whether it’s a conference or a launch, it’s a smart move to incorporate some attention to mental health in the schedule. It can be as simple as starting the day with a ‘mindful minute’ to calm the racing thoughts, or to create a wellness zone as an oasis of peace.



    Wasteful products such as plastic and paper are a big ‘no no’ for 2020 event planning. Switch to bamboo straws, reusable glassware and digital to lighten the consumption load in the sustainable era.


    We’re an impatient lot. And let’s be honest, queues suck. Find a way to get your guests moving through the event space swiftly and smoothly.




    Are you really adding value with another keyring, cap or sticker? Think about whether your marketing gear is going to be a throwaway adding to waste. Even a re-usable coffee cup become superfluous if you’ve got 10 of them.


    Staged photos – from the costume photo booth to the decorative swing – are so 2019. Look to every day surrounds for more natural inspiration – parks, bus stops, playgrounds, rooftops. Keep it candid.


    We’ve been through the donut wall and the flower wall phase. But enough with the sugary overload and the hayfever. Find a florist or a caterer who can think outside the box for ways to delight beyond a towering donut centrepiece and the traditional bunch of blooms.


    With many people choosing to ditch alcohol as part of the ‘sober revolution’ make sure your drinks menu doesn’t ignore the tee-totallers. Serve up virgin cocktails as well as flavour infused sparkling waters to show how inclusive and progressive your brand is in catering for all tastes and lifestyles.

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