3 Amenities a Good Concert Manager Must Provide

The event management industry is a big world, which encompasses all kinds of different launches, tasters, presentations, concerts, parties, dinners, galas, award shows and more. In fact, if you can dream it up, a skilled events management team can make it happen.

Whilst corporate and commercial events can range from the smallest of office gatherings to the most spectacular of public displays, the objectives remain the same. You need to satisfy your customers, offer value to all affiliates, sponsors, and participants, and make sure that your investment leads to increased sales or brand awareness.

When it comes to concerts, these aims are simply played out on a grander scale. There are artists and performers to keep happy, advertisers to organise, promoters to manage, and a large number of consumers to cater for. To achieve all of these things, a talented concert manager has to know how to prioritise; an understanding of which resources are needed to hold a memorable event is essential.

Catering Services

One of the most important amenities at a concert is food and drink, because this kind of event tends to involve a lot of physical activity. If you combine this with the sheer number of people all packed into one space, it is easy to see how a lack of refreshments could spell disaster for guests. Whilst not all concerts serve food, it is absolutely essential for a concert manager to organise appropriate beverages; even if this only means setting up a stand for water.

Safe Cloakroom Facilities

If you want to find out what makes concert goers happy, think about what you would like to see at an event of this nature. For most, a secure cloakroom is right at the top of the list. Whilst it is impossible for a concert manager to guarantee the security of personal possessions in a room filled with constantly moving crowds, they can offer guests a safer alternative. Also, holding bags and coats in a separate cloakroom is a good way to increase security overall.

Security Personnel

In the wake of the attack at the Bataclan music hall, in Paris, venues and promoters are starting to reassess the security needs of even the most low profile shows. Whilst the future of security at concerts remains unclear, the presence of trained (unarmed, in the UK) security personnel has always been deemed essential. A savvy concert manager is one who knows the value of preparing for unpredictable circumstances; even minor incidents can become a big problem without the right support.

by: Ant Hampel

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