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    One of the most experienced and successful events agencies in Australia, Alive Events Agency Western Australia, has produced hundreds of extraordinary experiences over the last two decades. Alive’s award-winning live events, experiences, and brand activations results in tangible results by connecting brands with their target audience to promote deeper engagement and stronger relationships. A Western Australia events agency, Alive provides event management, design, and digital services for full, 360° support.

    What Does Alive Do?

    Alive Events Agency Western Australian designs, develops, and activates a wide range of integrated events. Our talented and awarded event producers and managers deliver big ideas on time, brief, and budget through an array of services, including:

    • Creative Concept Design and Development
    • Project Reporting
    • Permits and Licenses
    • Insurance, Safety, and Security
    • Risk Management and OH&S
    • Event Run Sheets
    • Budget Management
    • On-Site Guest Management
    • Venue Procurement
    • RSVP Management
    • Critical Time Path
    • Attendee Management
    • Photography and Videography
    • Show Calling/Stage Management
    • Visual Display, Props, and Theming
    • Travel and Accommodation
    • Entertainment Management
    • Food and Beverage Planning
    • Production/Logistics Management
    • Audio Visual Production
    • Incentive/Reward Procurement
    • Tailored Guest Experiences
    • Printing and Design
    • Staffing
    • 2D/3D Animations
    • Motion Graphics
    • Staging
    • Exhibition Design
    • Lighting
    • Media Walls
    • Signage
    • Sets
    • Invitations
    • Programs
    • Tickets
    • CAD and Technical Drawings
    • Content Creation
    • Video Production
    • Animation
    • Online Registration
    • Event Microsites
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Virtual Reality
    • Strategy
    • Social Engagement

    What Does Alive Do Best?

    The experience is everything, and Alive is passionate about producing engaging and impactful experiences. With an eye for quality, originality, and detail, our best events include:

    Collaborate with Us

    Alive Events Agency Western Australian can rise to any challenge with unrivalled creative, planning, and operations expertise. Our team are contributors, our clients are our collaborators. Get in touch today—we want to collaborate with you.