4 Blogs You Must Follow to Find All of Your Experiential Marketing News

Experiential marketing is currently in the midst of a major revival. Fifty years ago, getting out onto the streets and connecting with shoppers was the best way to drive foot traffic. Then, television and the internet came along and advertising became something to be consumed, rather than encountered.

Now though, mainstream advertising seems to have reached a tipping point and businesses are getting back out onto the streets again. The rise of ‘guerrilla’ or experiential marketing is a big part of this. It aims to turn promotion into profits, by offering shoppers something that they’ve never seen before.

It might be a flash mob. It could be a store front made entirely from chocolate. It might even be a sensory tasting event, a la Hennessey. Whatever the plan, it has to be big, bold, and unforgettable. Experiential marketing is all about impact. Fortunately, the following four blogs can give you some great advice on how to achieve this.

Digital Buzz Blog

This platform is a popular source of information for marketers all around the world. It has a fairly large following and contains daily updates and posts. It focuses primarily on big stories within the industry, so you’ll find lots of details on experiential marketing campaigns that have hit the headlines recently. There’s also plenty of tips on how to link offline and online tactics.  www.digitalbuzzblog.com

Marketing Alternatif

This wonderful blog is run by top marketing agency Tribeca. While it is based in France – you’ll have to let Google translate the pages – you shouldn’t let this put you off, because it covers experiential marketing events all over the world. As there are lots of images, the platform is surprisingly easy to follow and functions as a great ‘go to’ if you’re looking for ideas. www.marketing-alternatif.com

Guerrilla Communication Blog

The Guerrilla Communication Blog is quite a chatty platform. So, if you like your marketing blogs with a generous slice of personality, this one could be right for you. As with the Marketing Alternatif blog, there are lots of examples of real life experiential marketing tactics from around the globe. It mainly focuses on events and guerrilla stunts in Europe and America. www.blog.guerrillacomm.com

BEcause XM

At Because XM, the emphasis is on sharing and discussion. This platform provides plenty of descriptions and visual examples of experiential marketing, but it also talks entertainingly about what it takes to make this kind of event a success. It aims to offer businesses practical advice, based on tried and tested methods. www.becausexm.com

by: Antony Hampel

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