4 Shortcuts to Successful Product Launch Events

To plan, design, and throw amazing product launches, you first need a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. It can be tempting, particularly when it comes to large scale promotional events, to work in staccato pieces; to have a general idea of what you want and simply add elements until you get there.

However, this can result in product launches that feel disjointed and poorly executed. For a cohesive, impactful event, you need to work backwards. Start with the end goal and then figure out how to turn into a tangible, memorable marketing experience.

This guide to planning a successful product launch will help you decide where to start, what to do first, and how to turn the ambition into reality.

Start Sizing It Up

Size and scale are essential considerations when it comes to product launches. You need to be clear, early on, about how expansive you want the event to be and whether or not it will function as an ‘open invitation’ experience. The difference between an open invitation and guest list launch is that the former is made accessible to the general public.

Appoint a Skilled Team

The single best way to ensure that product launches run smoothly is to appoint a skilled team of planners and coordinators. They should work as a single unit, but it is also a good idea to assign the team a leader. Delegating is vital, because having the time for lots of distinct, but valuable, opinions is the right way to create an event that is exciting, diverse, and unforgettable.

Sign Off On All Expenses

Even if you are not leading the product launch team, you still need to make sure that big spending decisions are approved. This is important, as mistakes are made when the chain of command isn’t clear. You might be happy with the choice of décor, for example, but what happens if your team leader goes ahead with a purchase without checking numbers or dimensions first?

Contact the Local Media

Product launches depend on local exposure and attention to really make a splash. So, don’t forget to contact the media – local newspapers and television crews love covering experiential marketing events and quirky launches. You could even personally invite a number of bloggers from the local area and ask to post a press release on their respective websites.

by: Antony Hampel

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