5 Tips on How to Market Your Entertainment Agency

It can be tricky for a brand new entertainment agency to make a name for itself. This is an industry that is so often dominated by prestige and reputation. The big players will always get the most attention, because they represent the most influential stars.

However, even the big names had to start somewhere. With the right marketing techniques and some engaging sales patter, your entertainment agency can start laying the foundations for a reputation that stands the test of time.

Set Up a Company Blog

This is one of the easiest ways to market your entertainment agency. These days, clients look for companies that are constantly active. They want to stay up to date with agency news, find out about big events, and engage with the brand online. With a company blog, you get the chance to talk directly to your audience about the benefits of working with your agency.

Never Stop Networking

For an entertainment agency, the age old adage of ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ could not be more accurate. This is an industry that is built on the strength of names. The right meeting (through chance or intention) can lead to unexpected opportunities. So, take the time to attend industry events. Introduce yourself, talk to key players, and hand out business cards.

Host an Open House Event

If there is one thing that entertainment clients love, it is a good party. Why not schmooze your way to networking success, by inviting the most influential industry figures to hang out with your finest talent? The event itself can be fairly simple, but make sure that drinks and snacks are complimentary. It’s important for the event to be something that guests feel like they are benefiting from, not being burdened by in any way.

Distribute Press Releases

Don’t forget to take advantage of local media sources. Newspapers, local news channels, and other media outlets represent a very cost effective method of promotion. It costs an entertainment agency nothing but time to draw up an engaging press release about a big event, signing, competition, or industry development. Make sure to speak directly with media outlets, because friendly and consistent contact will make sure that your press releases don’t end up in the circular file.

Post in Trade Publications

In cities, trade publications are ten a penny, but they can be a useful form of promotion. They target your audience, so don’t miss the chance to build up name recognition within the industry. The key to making a trade publication ad stand out is an attention grabbing headline and a ‘disruptive visual.’ This means that your ad should immediately draw the eye away from everything else on the same page.

by: Antony Hampel

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