All The Green Feels of Port Phillip’s “Enviro Fest”

All The Green Feels of Port Phillip’s “Enviro Fest”

In its dedication to non-profit event planning, Alive was proud to support the Port Phillip Eco Centre “Enviro Fest” to deliver all the “green feels”.

The Melbourne event agency was able to co-ordinate what the Eco Centre team described as a ‘magical celebration’ for its 20-year anniversary of the eco centre in St Kilda.

The sustainability showcase of hands on workshops, talks and live music was aided by Alive’s ground level event support, which the event agency Melbourne considered a powerful way to give back to the community.

The contribution earned rave reviews from the client who said the Melbourne event agency “ratcheted our event up a notch beyond anything we could have organised internally.”

With nearly 2000 visitors, 30 workshops and talks, and 13 musical acts, the community event ran without fuss, with attendees expressing delight in the event’s ability to transform the St Kilda Botanical Gardens into a place of refuge – perfectly aligning with the Eco Centre’s desire to connect the local community to the natural world through inspiration and education.

“I have to tell you what a magical celebration happened on Saturday. The feeling all around was one of peace and tranquility. I found it quite extraordinary, such a respite from the bedlam outside. Everyone had a gentle smile on their face. And what an undertaking! All those workshops, learning, sharing… When I did leave the gardens and return to the world I felt uplifted and hopeful in a way I haven’t for a long time,” said one local.

Enviro Fest

The sense of collaboration between the Eco Centre and the non-profit event planning team at Alive served as a metaphor for the environmental teamwork required in the face of global climate change.

“Environmentally speaking, collaboration is the only way to achieve the scale and speed of problem-solving demanded by our times. Over 20 years the EcoCentre community has repeatedly proven wins are possible – and Enviro Fest has proven it’s a pleasure to be in this game together. So, on behalf of our staff, volunteers, all the festival participants and the planet (a rather key beneficiary) thank you sincerely for the manifold ways you supported this birthday festival,” said April Seymore, Eco Centre Executive Officer.

While Alive didn’t produce the event, the support and site management it provided on the day re-enforced the importance of having event support from a Melbourne event agency to ensure smooth running of an event, ensuring absolute engagement with the audience.

When it comes to non-profit event planning, Alive’s chief Antony Hampel regards such social initiatives as a critical part of the business.

“I think it’s paramount to pay things forward, to support your local community in intangible ways that create a sense of hope and togetherness,” says Ant Hampel.

The Eco Centre’s vision serves as a sustainability pedestal, with its intended mission to transform the house and garden on the corner of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens into a model sustainable building that will provide education and inspiration to the wider community, acting as a seed for further change.

The Eco Centre’s vision serves

As the world contends with the catastrophic effects of global warming and seeks ways to reduce emissions to contain the terrifying damage manifesting in Australia’s 2020 bushfire crisis, Alive is privileged to align itself with such eco warriors who are paving the way forward for environmental well-being.

 Antony Hampel says given society’s desire for meaningful climate action, he would encourage all brands to consider sustainability and environmental issues in their marketing plans with the help of non-profit event planning as a way to engage in a truly touchstone way.

It’s call to action as the world grapples with the challenges of an unprecedented climate emergency which at the turn of the decade razed 10 million hectares across Australia, claiming 28 lives and more than a billion animals.

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Acknowledgement of country

Alive Events Agency acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.