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Antony Hampel’s Instagram has always been carefully curated by him in a creative way that reflects his love of the arts, music, family and travel. His Instagram has been known to include inspiring photos of travel adventures to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, France, Turkey, England, Greece and New Zealand. Perhaps inherited from his mother who was a great photographer, Antony Hampel’s photos on Instagram are always considered. It is apparent that he carefully considers the frame, lighting, content and overall composition of every photo.

antony hampel instagram

Instagram photos by Antony Hampel

Selfies do not seem to be a focus of Antony Hampel’s Instagram content. Rather, he likes to share experiences, people and places. From beaches to mountains, sand to snow and journeys across the globe, his Instagram is like a visual diary rather than a series of selfies that most people tend to post. Antony Hampel was once quoted about Instagram saying “I think it’s a great platform to share experiences, find inspiration and find people who share the same interests . I follow so many creative people, arts groups and performers. I also love to follow people who share the same passion for travel. To be able to document experiences through pictures, I think, is the greatest benefit of Instagram”

antony ant hampel instagram

Travel and Antony Hampel’s Instagram

Antony Hampel has been lucky to travel a lot with his work. These travel experiences have led to him being able to share amazing places on his Instagram. His Instagram content includes food and dining experiences as well as a huge range of events and concerts in London, Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Paris, new York , Singapore and l.a.

ant hampel antony hampel instagram photos

On his Instagram, Ant Hampel shares events and experiences including the Australian Grand prix, Robbie Williams in concert, Roger Waters in Concert, Brickman exhibition, Van Gough exhibition, Australian Open , Leon Bridges concert, Rolling Stones Concert, Fleetwood mac concert and many many more.

Stunning backdrops are often featured in Antony Hampel’s Instagram photos including snow in Australia and France, European cities in winter and Australian countryside.

instagram photo of antony ant hampel

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