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Why Alive is your go-to awards event organiser

Crucial to a breathtaking awards ceremony is a highly sought after awards event organiser that takes into account purpose, the nature of the awards, how they are to be celebrated and the ability to entertain, inform and engage an audience. Hiring the specialised assistance of an awards event organiser is integral to providing an amazing experience for guests, employees, clients and business stakeholders. Let’s take you through why Alive are the destination specialist in awards event organisation.

What kind of ceremonies can an awards event organiser produce?

An experienced awards event organiser whether it is an individual, small team or whole agency should have a wide breadth of knowledge encapsulating both in-person physical award shows as well as virtual award ceremonies. To give an example of what kind of award ceremonies an awards event organiser can produce, we’re going to take you through an outstanding production Alive brought to life in 2019. AHA NSW held their annual ‘Awards for Excellence’ for their diverse clientele; as such, Alive designed an event that blended cutting edge production with custom motion graphics content to infuse constant energy and excitement from the stage – into the room! This in-person event was styled and themed creatively by the Alive awards event organisers who also delivered technical production, AV and stage management throughout the entire process. The AHA team rated this award show “the best event AHA NSW has held yet (10 fold).”

In addition to this, Alive’s team have a wealth of experience in hybrid and virtual event production, making this Australian company a choice for those wanting to reach their audience on a global scale, connecting through creative mediums like live-streamed satellite combined with pre-corded content. The virtual experience with Alive allows the team to transform a regular awards event into an immersive experience to be enjoyed from the homes of each individual attendee no matter where they are in the world – and thus to be involved in an award celebration from any remote location. More recently, the awards event organisers at Alive have created custom websites for their clients, in which live activities at one venue can be broadcasted through satellite technology, using platforms like YouTube. Our Awards event organisers also use their studios to build bespoke stages in which to pre-record award introductions and animated content, to celebrate the achievements of individuals and corporations alike during the ceremony.

Why is it imperative to hire an awards event organiser?

The benefits of hiring a reputable awards event organiser will be reaped ten-fold due to the industry knowledge and creative capabilities a team like Alive pride themselves on. The experience is everything, and both individuals and organisations trust the expertise and idea creation of a business that has been pioneering the awards space for the last decade – rather than trying to complete it themselves whilst running a business. Celebrating your people is one of the integral ways in which a corporation can implement high morale among staff and clients, and show that stakeholders are valued. This is where an awards event organiser takes the reigns with bespoke ideas that can be catered to your company’s branding and theme, using virtual interactive elements like live award introduction and speech acceptance, physical venue sourcing to accommodate all attendees, all while sticking to a timeline and budget to ensure objectives are met within the given framework.

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