Become a Better Event Planner by Stripping Back These 3 Tasks

Become a Better Event Planner by Stripping Back These 3 Tasks

The world of an event planner often looks chaotic to an outsider. It is a whirlwind of emails, calendar alerts, checklists, and conference calls. It is filled with animated telephone conversations, dashes across town to big meetings, and lunch on the go.

For those who were born to become event organisers, there’s nothing better. It can be a busy life, but it requires a lot more control and organisation than you might think. To enter a high functioning events management agency is to experience the workings of a finely tuned machine.

event plannerHowever, there are always ways to improve, and a good event planner knows that working smarter, not harder is the key to real productivity.

Dealing with Emails

We often think of email as an infallible tool. For an event planner, the assumption is that it must be better than face to face or phone exchanges because it is instant. Well, studies have shown that we rarely convey all of the information that we intend to via emails. As it is easier to ignore them or put them to one side, information is more likely to be lost, disregarded, or wrongly categorised.

Emails can become a real strain for an event manager in Melbourne, particularly if they have a varied and diverse client list. Staring at a full inbox, twenty times every day may feel like a productive process, but it is not getting you anywhere if you are not interacting with them. Compel yourself to give quick responses. Either send replies immediately or pick up the phone and say everything you need to in a two-minute chat.

Doing the Delegating

Delegating is essential for an event planner because anything but the smallest of projects requires the help of a team. If you try to take on too much, you will burn out. So, trust in your assortment of event organisers and assistants. The only time when delegating becomes a problem is if you are spending so much time handing out and explaining tasks that sharing the load becomes pointless.

Ideally, an event manager should have robust software to fall back on. Programs like Basecamp are an excellent way to delegate, communicate, and oversee projects all in one neat, organised place. For any project management software to be useful, though, all team members need to access it consistently.

Completing the Paperwork

For those who own event management agencies, the biggest time killer is often paperwork. It takes a lot of time and skill to put together beautiful project proposals, edit them, submit them, and make sure that all the additional documents are in place too. That is not to mention the mountain of paperwork which is accrued while planning an event.

There are recipients, insurance policies, design proposals, schedules, progress evaluations; you name it. It can take an age to figure everything out, particularly if you only have a small team to help. However, the use of a sophisticated proposal and contract program, like BidSketch is one way to take the pressure off. It provides professional looking contract templates which can be completed in no time.

by: Antony Hampel

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