Benefits of Hiring an Event Manager

Why hire an event manager?

Saving money on contractor and venue costs is just one of the many benefits of hiring an experienced event agency.

Save time

By working with an experienced and professional event manager you will save considerable time for you and your staff. Quote often budgets do not allow for the cost of time spent by staff internally, which can be excessive. Not only can an event manager be more efficient with time, but also they will enable you to be able to focus on other responsibilities.

Great ideas

The knowledge and wisdom that an event professional has can be shared with you and applied at your event. In areas such as creative, planning, budgeting, venue and catering, the professional event manager has many years of experience to suggest to you ideas that work and steer you away from ideas that don’t!

The newest trends, venues, themes and clever production (AV) design are key to the success of your event and an event professional will know all of these.

Cost effective

It’s not unusual for people to think that event professionals are expensive. Through relationships with suppliers and vendors, they can pass on discounts to you whilst also offering a better quality service. By going direct to suppliers, you may be paying 20% more than what the event professional does.

Efficient resources

A professional event manager lives and survives by their networks. Their ‘black book’ of contacts enables them to find almost anything, anywhere!

From a pink poodle to a 3D laser show, self powered fridges, liquor licenses or council permits and safety officers, all the resources need to be always available at their fingertips. Imagine not having to spend hours and hours on Google when a professional event manager can deliver anything and anyone with just a call.

Less red tape

Navigating through complex health and safety standards and guidelines, risk management processes, insurance, permits, licenses and council regulations can be daunting and time consuming. A professional event manager deals with these issues on a regular basis and can ensure that your event adheres to the relevant guidelines and regulations, cost effectively.

Troubleshooting – “If it can go wrong it will”. Irrespective of extensive research, planning and management, events can experience things that don’t run to plan, as there are countless moving parts.

When things go wrong, you need an experienced and professional event manager to keep things running smoothly. Problem solving is a great skill of a good planner and in most instances, you and your guests wont even notice what went wrong!

Written by: Antony HampelEvent Manager Sydney

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