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    Commonly Overlooked Details When Event Planning in Brisbane

    Planning an event in Brisbane? DIYers, new event planners, and even seasoned professionals can make mistakes when planning an event. With years of experience planning Brisbane events big and small, we’ve identified some of the details that are most commonly overlooked.


    Event planning in Brisbane

                     1. Safety & Security

    One of the most commonly overlooked details when planning an event is security. While it’s important to focus on making dream events come true with the perfect theme, décor, location, and entertainment, all while sticking to a budget, many forget about security. Keeping guests happy is important, but keeping them and employees safe is even more crucial.


    Safe and security


          2. Risk Management

    Even with a security team in place, there are risks that don’t involve safety. Good Brisbane event planners develop a risk management strategy to have a plan ready in case things go wrong. Having one tailored for each occasion is even better!


    Managing an event


          3. Miscalculating Budget

    Many forgotten details that happen while event planning in Brisbane are associated with budget. Event companies and professionals have a good understanding of the average price for event purchases and services. There are hidden costs of DIY event planning that can be overlooked when calculating the budget. These include unexpected fees for audio/visual equipment, underestimated prices for decorations, photography, or gifts for guests.


          4. Red Tape

    Some event details are left undone by inexperienced event planners because they can be a pain to deal with! Brisbane event planning can be very enjoyable, but dealing with red tape issues such as insurance, OH+S compliance, and permits is not. While these are very important parts of the event planning process, procrastinating on the hard stuff can lead novice event planners putting it off until it’s too late!


          5. Forgetting to Relax

    The best event planners don’t get overburdened with tasks and responsibilities while focusing on their event. This is because they have learned to stay relaxed, which helps them to resolve issues as they arise. Event planners of every experience level should take some time to relax when feeling overly stressed, or consistently delegate tasks to diffuse some of the burden. Staying organized, having a solid risk management strategy, and remaining calm and composed is the key to overcoming one of the most commonly overlooked factors in Brisbane event planning.