Corporate Event Planners Sydney

Why marketing professionals choose corporate event planners?

What are corporate event planners?

The management of corporate events in Australia requires planners to organise different types of events for corporate stakeholders, and engage the attendees during and often after the event is over. Small and large corporations typically allow budget to have a professional corporate event planner from an Events Agency to guide the company from ideation to completion, whether it be an in-venue employee celebration, award show, client presentation or virtual conference. Similarly to why couples choose a wedding planner to manager the union of two people, corporate event planners are an irrefutable asset when organising a group event that could be from 20 – 2000 people! Large-scale companies in particular focus on reaching their business goals, and corporate event planners focus on facilitating those business goals through corporate events! An Event Agency can provide one, or a team of corporate event planners in Sydney or Melbourne depending on the scale of the event, number of attendees and physical or virtual requirements. It helps to have a corporate event planner that is well versed in both offerings to provide a myriad of other options that a corporate marketing professional may not have previously thought of – it’s the corporate event planners job to come to the table with every single possibility to bring the clients idea to life.

 Exactly what do corporate event planners do – and whom do they service?

Corporate event planners provide suggested dates, timelines and plan the scope of the event. A huge part of their role is sourcing multiple event locations for physical in-person events or liaising with their technical team to facilitate studio time to prepare for a virtual or hybrid offering, and how it will be streamed to all attendees. This has been a popular service with the need for social distancing being a high priority since 2020, and as we move back into some normalcy the corporate world has since been sold on the many benefits of the virtual experience that a corporate event planner can deliver.

Corporate event planners are typically busy selecting several locations and back up options, coordinating travel arrangements, overnight accommodations and other related services. They also provide detailed reports for clients regarding budgets, pricing and the event’s activities as well as cost per head packages if applicable to the venue.

For a corporate event planner, companies, corporations and businesses are the main clientele enlisting their services. These organisations constantly need to connect with a typically larger audience, whether it is their own stakeholder conferences, employee Christmas Parties, live presentations or up-skilling training days. Food, drink, entertainment, venue, virtual technical set up and of course a creative team to brainstorm the initial idea are all core aspects to corporate event planning in Sydney and Melbourne that are simply too time consuming for a business professional to pull off alone.

Benefits of a employing a corporate event planner

It’s all in the title – a corporate event planner is well versed in creating an engaging, entertaining or informative event for your corporate audience. Corporate event agencies like Alive Events have an experienced team whose whole purpose is to pull together an event for professional clientele whilst adhering to budget and timeframe – two key elements that are crucial to a business. In addition to having your own personal corporate event planner as the go-to point of contact throughout the entire process, this professional service will provide a business with new ideas a company may never have come up with on their own, and work with a business to maximize their budget spend! This could include hosting a hybrid event where it is partly in-person, and partly live streamed through a stage/studio, cutting costs and transforming the way in which clientele have previously engaged that corporation. Finally, the most obvious benefit is that you’re leaving a huge responsibility with many facets, to an experienced professional who takes your values, budget, timeframe and objectives into consideration to curate a plan for your company – so you can get on with business! Get in contact with one of Alive’s corporate event planners for more information.

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