Digital Event Services for Marketing Professionals

What are digital event services?

The event industry has renovated the idea of digital event services over a number of years, and it involves the use of technology to engage a group of people remotely. The benefits of digital event services in Australia mean that attendees can be vastly increased since people are not physically confined to a limited space, like an auditorium conference, wedding or company Christmas party. Digital event services in Melbourne & Sydney have been widely popular with Alive Events especially throughout the heightened demand of 2020’s social distancing regulations. Digital event services provide companies, marketing professionals and business owners with a platform to reach a larger audience, for a lower cost that a physical in-person event. Picture a ted-talk, guest speaker or live performer reaching thousands simultaneously!

Professional digital event service companies like Alive use an experienced technical crew to ensure the distribution of the digital event services meet compliance regulations, and to mitigate any technical difficulties. The reason marketing managers chose to improve their offering by enlisting the help of a digital event service agency in Sydney or Melbourne, is because these cities thrive of entertainment and culture, but also posses the creative skill to work with a variety of clientele and measure those outcomes for them. Embedding surveys, Click Through Rates and links used throughout the duration of a digital event is second nature to Alive’s adept team, which makes for useful feedback and event insights for our clients. We also have the capacity to monetise digital event services to allow for sponsorship and revenue streams, like play-per-view playback on demand, post-event.

What sort of digital services thrive in the event space?

Popular digital event services include the facilitation of presentations, business conferences, group meetings, award shows, celebrations and interactive events designed to engage attendees whether that be clients, stakeholders or employees of a corporation. Digital event services have been vastly improved and refined rapidly this year when most businesses were unable to safely reach their audience in a physical space. Guest speakers, staff events and product launches are all key examples of the digital event services that an event manager can assist a business with. In our experience, Alive has been able to incorporate live studios, pre recorded content, interactive games, break-out rooms and Q&A panels into the digital event services we provide – which are staple activities in the virtual event industry.

How can you connect digital event services with physical event services?

The digital services available in today’s industry not only help people connect remotely but can also be used to create what we call a hybrid event – that is – an event that uses both digital and physical components. The actual event might take place on each respective device and be live-streamed attendees, but organisations thrive when combining physical products to assist in the engagement of the digital event. An example of this could be tools to be used during a digitally presented event such as branded note pad & pens, earphones or sample products relating to the presentation. This combination has been proven to increase the engagement metrics of the online attendees, like Click Through Rates, screen dwell time or related social media interaction.

Your next event no matter how small or large can be presented and recorded by a digital event service agency like Alive to help you connect your business with it’s audience in a meaningful way. We have delivered our digital event services all over Australia and do so in the safest way possible as we get back to some normality!

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