More Than a Party Planner: 3 Myths about Events Management

More Than a Party Planner: 3 Myths about Events Management

The events management industry has come a long way since the days of the binder-toting, pencil twirling party planners of the eighties. While there are still lots of glamorous perks, particularly for those who work on celebrity product launches and fashion shows, the profession is taken very seriously now.


Events managementbridal shower backdrops is an integral part of modern marketing. Brands use it as a tool for driving traffic, gaining exposure, and winning over new demographics. It is a way to launch products, reward loyal customers, and make big announcements. In fact, an event can be whatever you want it to be, but it must be carefully planned and directed.

Keep reading to find out why it is time to put the biggest myths about events management to bed and usher in a new era.

Event Management is Party Planning

There is nothing wrong with being a professional party planner. However, true events management is not about personal projects. The coordinators and directors in this industry are responsible for bigger projects than birthday parties and wedding receptions.

The majority of the work is commercial, which means that event planners work closely with brands. The aim is to invest money in a way which directly or indirectly encourages people to buy more products. It might be a free taster event on a busy high street or a media only champagne launch.

The Official Date Is All That Matters

Similarly, an events management team does more than just turn up on the day and direct. Most commercial events – particularly experiential marketing – take weeks or even months to prepare. For example, to organise the kind of flash mob which has become popular with advertisers lately, a choreographer and a large number of dancers are needed.

It might then take weeks for the group to learn a sequence which can be performed outdoors. The point is that, for event planners, the hard work begins the moment that a brief is given the go ahead. Some clients can be very demanding, and they want bright lights, high impact entertainment, and a hook which nobody has seen before. All of these things take time.

Event Planners Only Get Once Chance

There is a popular saying on the Australian events management scene. ‘You are only as good as your last project.’ Essentially, it implies that one mistake or dud event is too many and that it is likely to ruin a career. It is categorically untrue, and all experienced event coordinators have made substantial errors in their time.

If an event goes catastrophically, it will probably harm the reputation of the team responsible for it, but there are always opportunities to come back. Whether the catering was unpopular, the sound equipment unreliable, or the guest speakers uninspiring; the important thing is to learn from your mistakes. Be honest, tell prospective clients how you have learned to avoid future faux pas, and don’t lose your passion.

by: Antony Hampel


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