How the Best Entertainment Agencies Find and Develop Stars

The success of a talent or entertainment agency is built upon the strength of its stars. Without great talent, these businesses have nothing, so a lot of money is invested in recruitment strategies and talent scouting campaigns.

To be a truly excellent entertainment agency, you need to know how to spot and develop stars quickly. This can involve a number of different processes; from actual ‘on the road’ searches, to casting calls, open days, and interviews with prospective clients.

These handy hints and tips will help put your entertainment agency on the right track to finding talent gold.

Take the Time to Talk

While talent agencies are some of the busiest and most hectic companies in the world, they’ve still got to find the right balance between nurturing existing talent and finding new stars. The only way to achieve the latter is to spend time talking to prospective clients. Even if you are a modelling agency and are, primarily, looking for visual appeal, you still need to recruit stars who are reliable, competent, and easy to like.

Listen to Recommendations

The most skilled talent scouts are the ones who foster connections with lots of different people. If your entertainment agency has a good reputation and is familiar to theatres, drama schools, galleries, photographers, and studios in the area, you are more likely to hear about promising individuals. While most of the people who attend casting calls do already have an agent, there will always be hidden gems who need representation.

Honesty is the Best Policy

It can be difficult telling somebody that they are not right for a certain job or that they need to change themselves in order to be more appealing, but hard decisions are necessary. It is the job of an entertainment agency to match stars with their perfect roles. If these matches aren’t successful, it compromises performance for all of the companies involved with the work. Being honest and open with clients is a big part of finding and developing stars.

Being a Champion of Talent

Another important part of developing talent is promoting it. The agents at a talent company have to be willing to put clients forward for suitable roles. If they think that a particular client is perfect for a certain position, it is their job to push those in charge for an audition. Stars don’t make it big all by themselves. They have the support and help of a skilled development team behind them.

by: Antony Hampel

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