Why Is a Professional Staff Essential for Successful Fashion Show Management

Fashion show management is one of the most sought-after industries for aspiring event planners, but because of that, the competition they have to face is very steep as well. Therefore all of the possible recourses have to be utilized for a chance of success, and no fashion show has ever been successfully organized without a competent and well-selected staff.

Because so many different details of planning and execution go into fashion show management, even the most experienced event planners know they need specialists for many different areas of the event in order to ensure it goes smoothly.

But why is a strong staff so important?

Simply put, a fashion show is much more than just an event – in a lot of ways, it’s like an art exhibit. You have fashion designs that are created by some of the more creative minds in the fashion world, which often push the limits of modern fashion and develop new concepts and ideas.

And fashion shows are the place where these ideas get to be showcased to the audience and to the world, so it’s not an overstatement to say that there’s a lot more to fashion shows than just the fashion show management part, as there are many roles which require very specific expertise.

So which staff members are essential for running a fashion show?

Some of the staff members may vary depending on individual preferences and even fashion show management approaches, but here are the essential positions that have to be filled in order to ensure a good show:

  • A good choreographer. It’s absolutely vital to have someone who can work with the models to ensure that they match well with the designs being shown. Matching the clothes to specific models, making sure they use the right walks and depict the right mood with each design is essential. Also, the choreographer makes the connection between the brand and the presentation – combining the music and the movements of the models is essential for a good representation of the brand being presented in the show.
  • Top-tier hair and makeup team. Obviously, professional hair and makeup designers are a must, but it’s not just about their talents – the ability to deliver in a timely manner and in a stressful environment, where they will likely have to deliver on specific instructions by lead designers, is no less crucial.
  • Experienced models. If you don’t want to have to do triple the work in training them, it’s much better to hire models that already have experience in fashion shows and have positive references. For this reason it’s always a good idea to use the services of an experienced casting agent who can find the right models that will come through and deliver on the expectations.
  • Quality lighting and sound crews. You should only hire lighting and sound crews that know how to efficiently work with the fashion designers and understand the importance of creating the right atmosphere for a show.
  • Show Callers. For every fashion show, the role of show callers is simply essential – they can be the difference between a successful and a failed show because they are the ones that ensure that each part of the show gets executed properly.
  • Front stage/backstage fashion show managers. The managers can act as your extensions working on both sides of the show that can quickly inform you of any situations that need attention and can manage the flow of the event, as well as micromanage its different aspects. They should have ample experience in fashion show management themselves to make informed decisions without needing your constant supervision.

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