Simple Tips for an Effective Road Show

The corporate road show is an exciting beast. It is big, bold, and great for business. This is your chance to get your product and brand out there, in the world, where customers are able to react and respond to it. So, it is very important that road shows always run smoothly.

For this to happen, a company needs a really skilled road shows manager. This person will be someone who is confident, passionate about the brand, creative, and extremely well organised. The road shows manager is responsible for conceptualising and implementing the entire promotional campaign, while it is out ‘on tour.’
These simple tips for a successful road show will help your business decide where to start and how to make a big splash out on the road.

Pick the Right Locations

The road shows manager needs to think carefully about which venues and locations the promotional tour will stop at. These places should be easily accessible and contain a high volume of your target audience. If huge proportions of this audience have to travel more than ten miles to reach the road show event, the location may not be viable.

Benefit From Local Resources

Where possible, take advantage of local resources. This will cut costs, because it eliminates many of the transportation expenses associated with a travelling road show. Also, if you can hire event stylists, AV equipment, and crew members from road show locations, you’ve got a reliable foundation for each ‘leg’ of your schedule. The exception is for equipment that you’re likely to need again for future event tours; it could be worth buying these resources outright.

Make Your Styling Flexible

Another way to control road show costs is with flexible printing and styling. The road shows manager needs to structure things like advertising and promotional materials so that they can be adapted and reused for each separate event. This is the right way to approach styling, because it offers the best chance for remuneration of expenses.

Make It a Real Experience

The best kind of road show manager is one who understands that opportunities are brief out there on the high street. In order to convince a potential customer that your product is worth their time, you first have to get them to notice it. And, there is no better way to do this than to offer them something, in exchange for their acknowledgement. For instance, if you are trying to promote a new shampoo, offer free haircuts or ‘on the road’ styling sessions.

Get to Know Your Target Market

Your road shows manager needs to appoint a small, but cohesive, team of event staff. These people will take the brand out on the road and, most crucially, talk directly to potential customers. This is essential, because you should be using the event as an opportunity to learn as well as inform. Ask your customers what they think about your product or brand. Would they change anything about it? Have they heard of it before? Would they buy from you in future?

by: Antony Hampel

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