Some of Alive’s Best Virtual Events to Inspire You for 2021

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2020 has redefined us – how have virtual events revolutionized our industry?

Virtual events are a craft Alive have honed for many years prior to covid times, however with no other option in place for many companies across Australia – virtual events have become the new standard! The creative and bespoke options that a virtual event can provide these days can range from virtual reality, live Q & A, studio-based broadcasting, live streaming via satellite, and digitally branded events monetized by virtual sponsorship just like any physical fashion show or footy match! As such, companies around Australia are opting to retain the virtual event component as we move forward into normality once again.

In addition to the endless virtual innovations that have become available through experienced event agencies, the ability to cater for hundreds or even thousands of people – without a venue has enabled global connection with employees, clients and stakeholders regardless of location. Business practice has been redefined now that there proven results, that corporations have experienced for themselves when it comes to business summits, virtual conferences and virtual award ceremonies that took place throughout last year – from the comfort of home. The transformation of the physical event experience to a digital landscape also enabled companies to take engagement data derived from dwell times, click through rates and post-event surveys – which have typically limited during an in-person event. This data has become invaluable to marketing managers across Australia as they now have participation results that show what elements of their virtual event production are successful, allowing for improves audience engagement.

Why clients are keeping their events virtual – a case study

Many of Alive’s clients have experienced such success with our virtual event services, that annual festivities are now moving forward with a virtual component embedded in their offering. The most popular elements of the virtual event experience which businesses now identify as crucial, include; cost savings, the ability to reach a global platform – rather than just those at the event function, and the ability to track participation and engagement more accurately in an online setting. Since Alive’s partnership with La Trobe City Council to produce their world-first virtual International Rose Garden Festival in November of 2020, they found an undeniable increase in ticket sales, audience participation and global attendees. In addition to this, marketing efforts resulted in 800 virtual registrations and a further 750 qualified consumers opting in to the IRGF newsletter, which will serve as a valuable marketing tool for future events. Moving forward, the event will evolve with a significant element of virtual & hybrid engagement in order to reach a global audience. The virtual experience has proven to be an invaluable enabler in reaching a larger audience compared to previous years; as such the immersive components are here to stay with the intent of retaining their international guests each year as the festival grows. For more on this case study click here!

What are the most successful virtual events Alive has produced recently?

While Alive have pioneered the virtual event space since establishment in 2010, the most recent success stories with regard to a ‘never before achieved’ transformation for our clients include; business updates with Luxottica for their store manager roadshow, the aforementioned IRGF for La Trobe City Council, and the NSW Government collaboration to reach wider communities of faith during covid restrictions. Each of these clients had previously engaged solely with physical in-person events when addressing their employees, customers and broader community. As such, this new found virtual reach brought an excitement to each respective marketing manager involved in the event transformations.

“Alive bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table which is very much appreciated!” – Elizabeth McFarlane, Event Coordinator for Multicultural NSW.

“Your team was just fantastic to work with and built a technical team behind the scenes that worked flawlessly throughout the event. We are so glad that we selected A-live to partner with us in this project” – La Trobe City Council.

For more of our virtual event case studies, click here, and see how we can achieve a virtual transformation for your next event!

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