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Alive Virtual Event Company have your virtual event management needs covered in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

What does Virtual Event Management entail?

We believe the facilitation of virtual event management is integral to the present & future of engaging an audience with a brand, charity or corporation. The core basis of virtual event management is the notion that bringing the experience to an event attendee at any location in the world is going to a) reach more people and b) keep the experience alive in the minds of the audience. Virtual event management offers pre and post-event engagement in the form of digital communication (invitations, reminders), and live interaction capabilities during the event, which gives a more personalized experience than you would receive in a large group of people, physically. We have the technical capacity to turn an awards dinner into an Oscar worthy presentation or a public speaking event into a live discussion panel and an overall dynamic storytelling experience. Alive’s virtual event management in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane has been able to transform each city’s unique offerings to reach all parts of Australia and beyond.

What sets our offering apart as a virtual event management agency?

While Alive Events offer a full service experience, we specialise in virtual event management. This means that we take on ALL aspects of event planning whether it be in the digital space or in the physical in-venue world, and our technological skill and past decade of experience in the industry allow us to offer a completely virtual, event management service to clients. As a result, we are able to reach larger audiences in their own home, through multi-sensory engagement.

Our unique selling point as a virtual event management agency is that we are able to offer an entirely computer-generated service. This product knowledge allows us to implement immersive, interactive event elements to ensure maximum engagement for the audience of our clients. For example, our personalized production team can facilitate satellite events, virtual environments or virtual reality tours of typically physical spaces like a gallery or exhibition, as well as live performances and/or pre-corded speakers in a conference. The reason we are renowned as not only a full service event management destination but more specifically a virtual event management specialist, is because we provide the service with the latest technology, are able to monitor engagement and then report these results to our clients for the benefit of their business development. This can all be complemented entirely online, which is why we are the leaders in virtual event management Australia and our headquarters now reach Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

What virtual event management experiences have been the most successful?

It’s an all-encompassing service when it comes to Alive’s virtual event management offering, but for some insight into what translates an idea into a space of pure engagement and entertainment, read on for examples of virtual experiences we’ve had great success with. Video production & photography are a skillset we can easily incorporate into any presentation, similarly with virtual meetings requiring interactivity, virtual networking and remote team building – we have consistent success with businesses running their internal staff events through these mediums. As a point of difference we are also able to integrate monetization & sponsorship to our virtual event management capabilities, this means we can include branding opportunities for sponsors, and in-event purchase opportunities for monetization purposes. Everything your audience needs can be offered virtually by Alive Events, from idea conception to delivery!

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Acknowledgement of country

Alive Events Agency acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.