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    Virtual-Hybrid Events Agency of the Year




    In the ever-changing climate across the events industry, having a win has been a great motivator for our team.

    After pitching to launch a new product from the world’s largest Drone and Intelligent Robot Company, DJI (and creator of Robo Masters) willl partner with Alive.

    Being one of the first winter events to go ahead since Sydney venues have commenced re-opening, we are thrilled to produce the Launch of the new RoboMaster education solution designed for schools and educational institutes.

    For Alive, we’re excited for what’s to come and to be offered the opportunity to take on a new, innovative approach that blends technology with experience.






    Alive Events Agency has been recognized as the State Winner and National Finalist for the MEA (Meetings & Events Australia) ‘Event Agency of the Year – VIC, 2019’

    This is a huge achievement for our agency and one we are very proud to share. Last year we saw our agency thrive in delivering a diverse range of events and activations for local and global clients.

    We love producing live (in person) , hybrid and virtual experiences that turn heads and challenge the status quo, and that is exactly what 2019 was for us and will continue to be in 2020 and beyond.







    The Event Sessions is an engaging new events community Videocast series offering deeper, more tangible conversations for the events industry by the events industry. 

    Are you some fatigued? Too many vanilla Webianrs? This series will take a look through the lens of industry leaders on varying concepts and discuss ways to arm our industry with inspiration and direction during these turbulent times.

    The series was created by, and is hosted by our very own Alive Founder and CEO, Ant Hampel along with Jennifer Trethewey, change agent and Author.

    Special guests on the series include Futurist ,Steve Samartino, Atlantic Group CEO Hatem Saleh, PJSE CEO Peter Jones as well as guests from Findex, Taboo Group and  Saxton Speaker Bureau.

    “Each show is captivating at a time where people are craving fresh content”- Hatem Saleh CEO, Atlantic Group.

    Check out the trailer HERE

    Launches Monday July 19th –





    In short, yes. As a full service Live and Virtual Events Agency, we focus not only on the delivery of your event, but also apply a completely wholistic view to project management whilst blending creativity and technology with experience.  Connecting with, and engaging your audience to optimise engagement in any environment (live or online) is in our DNA.

    Alive creates experiences across multiple touch points which is truly engaging and beyond the offering of a Virtual Events (ie; technical only) service provider.

    Tangible, true engagement through Live (in person) and Virtual events comes from content creation and customer experience, not simply the technical means by which it is delivered and that is why, the experience, is still everything.

    With a focus on creativity and content to drive deeper and extended connections, supported by the latest reliable technology, we can design and deliver customised, engaging experiences anywhere in the world, straight to your audience , in the Front Row.

    Our Virtual and Hybrid events are delivered with the high level, personalised production values and client service we are known for.

    Go beyond standard webinars by developing unique environments with enhanced production and exclusive content across Award Shows, Product Launches or Conferences.

    Your audience is wider than ever before, the barriers to access are being removed, and with so much on offer, our content needs to be at its best in order to cut through the noise.

    The benefits of going Hybrid include Access to a Global Audiences and a  wider pool of global Speakers, Events Can be free or monetised and with Online Access, Interactivity with Live Q&A, Increased Sponsorship Opportunities and Traceable data. These are just a few of the benefits of Hybrid and Virtual Events.

    To find out more, get in touch.





    The NSW Government has removed the limit on gatherings with the maximum capacity of indoor venues to be determined by the ‘1 person per 4 square metre’ rule. This is great news as Business Events begin to re open.

    The safety of our team, suppliers and guests have always been the number 1 priority so we have developed a comprehensive Bio Safety Risk Management plan together with venues we partner with, will be implemented on all future projects.

    The plan has been developed with Avert Risk Management and Assure Safety Services who are a preferred Government Supplier of  risk management and WHS (Work Health & Safety) management services.

    Contact our team for information around how to make your event BioSafe.



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    With venues re opening, there’s an increased demand on bookings, especially for the October – December period. We appreciate that many clients are still considering what their end of year events may look like but, time is ticking! To help you with planning your options, during July and August Alive is able to find you the right venue and hold the dates without any obligation. Contact our team about this opportunity.

    always been nimble ..adapting to our clients needs in uncertain times., Here to tailor experiences …
    live in person or other ,..,.,
    It’s been a challenging but exciting few months as we continue to evolve and align to our client’s needs during these times of change.
    Until next time, we are wishing you, your teams and family good health and big smiles from all of us at Alive!