5 Great Ways for a Concert Manager to Save Money on Event Promotion

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Careful budgeting is important for all types of event, but it is particularly crucial when it comes to concerts and live performances. If you want to organise an event and feature a band or solo musician, you need to think about sourcing audio equipment and getting the right sound engineers on site.

Speakers, mixers, amps, and microphones don’t come cheap. So, if the show is a one off event, it is best for a concert manager to hire sound equipment, rather than buy it outright. It is also possible to save money on event marketing, so that you can allocate more of your budget to lighting and stage sets.

Keep reading for advice on the best ways to promote a concert on a tight budget, without compromising on quality.

Event Promotion

Find a Blogging Buddy

If you want to impressive as a concert manager, don’t underestimate the power of online hype. Connect with bloggers, social media ambassadors, and online influencers; get them interested in your brand and really play up the idea of your event being a cool thing to be in on. Working with others is also the best way to maximise the value of third party mailing lists. Many blogs and websites have a long list of subscribers who have given consent to be contacted by affiliated companies, so take advantage of this.

Make Use of EDM Campaigns

Speaking of mailing lists, making sure that your email marketing efforts are linking up properly with the rest of your advertising. Focus on creating a cohesive EDM campaign, whether that means investing in PPC partnerships, remarketing advertising, or just handing out flyers on the street. All of the components of your campaign should share branded features and a unified aesthetic.

Recycle Good Reviews

If your concert is a repeat event, it costs nothing to look back at past reviews and use them to your advantage. Every event coordinator in Melbourne worth their salt knows that good feedback never expires. You can even benefit from the not so good reviews. Make a point of having listened to suggestions and tell guests to expect improvements this year. For example, ‘We have a bigger variety of drinks/snacks on offer this year.’

Create Some Headlines

With so much emphasis on the importance of new media, it is easy to forget that people still buy magazines and newspapers. Even if they only read them in digital form, many continue to subscribe to local publications. In towns with a high student population, for example, advertising in free music brochures is a fantastic way to secure cheap promotion.

Amp up the Excitement

For a concert manager, promotion doesn’t stop on the day of the event. You need to keep pushing and continue to give people a reason to buy tickets. Use the classic VIP strategy as inspiration. Nightclubs always put their VIP sections where regular guests can see them, so that they are tempted to upgrade. For the first half of the event (sometimes longer), you can still convince people to attend by showing them teaser pictures and video clips.


by: Antony Hampel

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