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    Don’t settle for a standard web conferencing solution, let Alive get you engaged!

    Web conferencing solutions in Australia are obviously not something new – however with the shutdown of physical offices deemed ‘non essential’ for the majority of 2020, these technological services have absolutely ramped up in demand. Today we’re going to take you through the fundamentals of exactly what web conferencing solutions are and how they are typically delivered, but more importantly how Alive can set apart your next web conference for maximum engagement of your audience. Let’s avoid our guests hitting the mute button and taking a light nap shall we?

    The basics of web conferencing solutions – what does it typically entail?

    Web conferencing refers to the facilitation of online meetings, conferences and presentations with two or more people who cannot physically meet, creating the need for an internet-powered solution to interact virtually in groups. These collaborative services are typically employed for large-scale events like business conferences, annual summits, employee meetings, company-wide announcements, and of course “webinars” (web seminars). While large-scale webinars were born before social distance was a regulation, smaller scale events like team meetings, company presentations or workshops have all need to transition to a web conferencing solution in 2020.

    Software is the main component of being able to provide a web conferencing solution, and many different programs (with the accessibility to the Internet of course) have provided huge platforms for companies, clients, sponsors, audiences and families to connect in a virtual space in a matter of seconds. Some of the most popular web conferencing solutions are provided through programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx, Join Me, Adobe Connect, Ring Central and even FaceTime with Apple. Many of these software’s are free to use as an attendee of the conference or meeting, and do provide security features such as log ins and passwords to be able to join, just as you might show a ticket or security pass in real life. Whilst these programs are invaluable to our ability to consistently deliver web conferencing solutions in society today, they are more of a basic provision; compared with a stand out web conferencing solutions Alive offer that peak the interest of an audience member and can measure the engagement of participants, in order to draw useful audience insights. Alive have been perfecting a variety of web conferencing solutions over the years, which is why we have remained an industry leader in virtual events throughout 2020. Let us take you through how we can elevate your web conference with OUR virtual solutions.

    The Alive difference for your web conferencing solutions Australia-wide!

    Alive offer customized and scalable experiences with immersive virtual and digital elements as apart of their web conferencing solutions. We have a portfolio of virtual presentations and webinars that have hosted either a few individuals through to thousands of guests, with content creators and technical crews that transform any typical online conference into a virtual experience. Many of our web conferencing solutions include workshops, conferences, annual company summits and internal business presentations for employees. We are able to set ourselves apart from a basic offering of a Zoom presentation with our access to studios where we can pre-record or live stream guest speakers, business leaders and discussion panels straight into your “webinar”. We have tech-savvy event producers who can curate slide shows that facilitate video content, the integration of interactive games (Kahootz) as well as sponsorship partners.

    The reason our offering stands out from any competitors is because we have a whole content development team that ensure the delivery of your presentation will keep your audience interested, and in addition to this, measure the audiences’ response through; attention dwell-times on screen, click through rates and interaction activity pre, during and post event.

    Happy clients – they need a web conference, we provide a bespoke solution!

    In October 2020, our goal was to deliver a hybrid web conferencing solution for Brickworks’ B20 product launches and company presentation. The solutions we incorporated include; creating a luxurious digital backdrop for our content, using our studio to provide television quality lighting, audio and camera equipment to lead to high quality visuals and allow for monologue presentation both live & recorded. This was all sewn together with cleverly animated transitions, to make for a seamless online experience. These success stories give our stakeholders a strong insight into the difference between the Alive solutions for web conferencing, and that of a classic PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Teams.