What is digital conferencing and why do you need an event agency for it?

Digital Conferencing

What do digital conferencing events involve?

A digital conferencing event can encapsulate a myriad of technologies that are used to virtually connect a small or large group of people remotely, in which they can be presented with information from any location in Australia and around the world. A digital conference event agency use their specialised skill set to run digital conferencing events that run similarly to a live conference. However, this enables the conference to be attended by each guest regardless of location, something that has become increasingly popular as social distancing and the flexibility of working from home has been deemed a necessity. Digital conferencing events use technology to facilitate face-to-face interaction through a tablet, phone or computer where attendees can network between themselves, chat to live speakers and engage with panel discussions as they occur in real-time. In addition to this, a digital conferencing event can also incorporate pre-recorded speeches or content to be transitioned between the live segments as needed. A digital conferencing event agency in this day and age goes far beyond providing a typical zoom call where a hundred people have their camera and microphone on mute while they listen to one key speaker! It’s all about giving your attendees the highest quality content, facilitating live interaction with speakers and presenters and even allowing for content to be accessed again post-event.

What do digital conference event agencies do?

A digital conference event agency coordinates a creative vision and provides the platform for a client to host this vision, whether that be a custom website for a brand’s audience, a live stream capability via satellite or a host website like YouTube – and designs this virtual event whilst adhering to the theme, budget and timeline. Alive Events are a key pioneer in developing digital conferencing events as our team posses’ creative professionals like producers, stage managers and audio-visual specialists whose career revolves around curating an immersive experience for our client’s audience. Digital conference event agencies specialise in events like annual business summits, key speaker presentations, product launches & demonstrations, staff roadshows and leadership workshops that have traditionally only been available as a physical conference. A digital conference event agency develops a creative plan to provide activities like live chats between presenter and attendee, break out rooms, interactive quizzes and games as well as live and pre-recorded entertainment that unfolds across an organized timeline during the event.

What’s the difference between a regular conference and a digital conference, and what are the benefits?

While a regular in-person conferencing event has it’s place in our ever evolving industry, and it’s often necessary to host at a venue – a digitalconference event provides benefits to a corporation like allowing for remote access, no matter where the event guests are located in the world. By facilitating these conferences from the comfort of the attendee’s home, not only enables access for employees and stakeholders who may not be able to travel to the one location, but also saves costs for the client in venue hire, food & drink, and the aforementioned travel expenses they may need to cover. Other benefits to have a digital conferencing event is that you can provide a larger range of content both pre-recorded and live, which a digital conferencing agency can facilitate through the use of a studio stage. Live speakers can be blended with pre-recorded introductions from an MC or performance segments, to make sure all aspects of an in-person event are available, but make it easy to switch between live and even on-demand content. Having a wide selection of the above elements ensures audience engagement, and the extent to which the audience engages in the digital space can also be measured! To learn more about digital conferencing event agency practices, contact the Alive team today to see how we can transform your next conference!

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