The Brain Behind the Party: Have You Got What It Takes to Be an Event Manager?

Most event managers have a similar story when it comes to how and why the industry first caught their attention. They might have hosted an event for a friend or family member and been impressed with the outcome. They may have been head of an event team at their company and created something really memorable.

With a successful project under your belt, it is easy to get the event planning bug. You might even fancy yourself as a future event manager. If you love directing people, delegating, and coming up with creative ideas, it is the ideal career. However, there are some key skills that are essential for event planners.

Keep reading to find out what these skills are and why you need them if you want to make it big as an event manager.


It is true that event planning is a very sociable job. It is a dream career for many because it comes with the chance to plan glamorous parties and high profile launches. However, the glitz and glamour is only a small part of the role.

Organising and directing conventions, trade shows, gala dinners, and expos is a high stake, high-risk responsibility. The event manager is the first to arrive and the last to go home. They carry the weight of a whole team and must be able to keep their cool under pressure.


As an Australian events manager, you would be expected to keep abreast of current news and trends. This role extends beyond planning rotas and checklists. It is more than picking the right balloons and getting guests to the venue on time. Networking is half the job.

When event coordinators are not working on specific projects, they are building up their networks and connecting with potential employers. Some write a regular blog because it is an excellent way to show off their skills and expertise. Others attend industry conferences and meet with new clients, partners, and suppliers.


Whether you want to be a fashion show producer or a concert manager, communication skills are essential. Event planning is not about barking orders. You need to be perceptive, sensitive, and personable so that a team wants to follow you.

There is an army of people involved in every event, even the small ones; from vendors to musicians, models, makeup artists, sound technicians, caterers, and more. The event manager is the meeting point for all of these contacts, so they need to be skilled at dealing with different personalities.

So, if you fancy yourself as an event planner, make sure that you are ready for all the industry has to offer. Work hard, dream big, and never be afraid to take that first step.

by: Antony Hampel

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