Antony Hampel Parents

Antony Hampel’s parents have played a key part in seeing him develop his creative skills and disciplined approach to learning and knowledge. From an early age, Ant Hampel recalls his parents playing all sorts of music to him, taking him to see theater shows and concerts. The house was always filled with music, song and dance. Antony Hampel’s parents loved appreciated both the performing arts and visual arts.  There is no question that Antony Hampel followed a career in the creative fields as a result of enjoying so much creativity at a young age, and a keen interest in music and theater. Ant Hampel’s parents also recall Antony’s grandmother being a lover of music and she would often take Antony to see theatre shows. Antony Hampel’s grandfather was a classically trained musician who taught many infamous Australian performers.

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Antony Hampels parents encouraged a creative path

Not only did Antony Hampel’s parents, George Hampel and Suzanne Hampel, often expose Antony to the performing arts as a young child, they also supported his love of the arts by placing him in a school that supported such pursuits rather than academia. “ from such an early age we knew Antony had a creative drive and wanted to support and encourage this in his development” Antony Hampel’s parent said.

The parents of Antony Hampel lived in Melbourne

Antony Hampel’s parents both lived in Melbourne. His father arrived in Australia when he was only 13 and his mother was born in Melbourne. His parents valued family highly and much time was spent with the family enjoying and sharing a love of creativity. Whilst his father pursued a career in the law, his mother was a talented professional  photographer , TV producer and Art gallery owner/curator. His parents recall how Ant Hampel would prefer being at school play rehearsals or learning the drums on a weekend rather than be at the footy! When Ant was young, his parents recall taking him to see performances at the Myer Music Bowl, St martins theatre (which he studied at) and even in the botanical gardens.

antony hampel parents

“I remember searching through my parents record collection and discovering so many great Artists like Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and David Bowie” recalls Antony Hampel about his parents.

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