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What You Should Look For In a Good Event Planner

As you start thinking about planning an event, it quickly becomes evident that it’s much more difficult than it might seem at first – the logistics alone are enough to make one cringe about the idea of doing everything yourself.

That’s why most people and companies turn to a professional – an event planner who plan events for a living usually has the necessary recourses and expertise to organize an event suited to each individual clients’ needs.

Still, even among event planners, there are those who, despite presenting themselves as professionals, might end up causing you headaches, instead of taking the event planning process off your hands. That’s why you have to be careful about who you choose – there are certain traits you should look for in an event planner that can go a long way in making your event successful and efficient.

So here are some of the most important qualities you should seek in a good event planner:


Lots of things can go wrong in the corporate event planning process – a venue reservation could fall through, suppliers could be unable to deliver, or a speaker might come down with a severe case of the flu just days before the event.

It’s these kinds of scenarios where you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you’re working with a true professional – someone who has a big rolodex from which he can immediately find an adequate replacement or addition for almost any unplanned problem that might arise.

It also means that the event planner will never be short on thoughts on what would be the best approach to running your product launches, developing corporate event ideas, or anything else that you might need done.

Organisation & Time Management

One can’t be a good event coordinator unless he has a natural talent for multi-tasking – being able to juggle a lot of details, big and small, at once. This requires good organisational and time management skills, as well as the ability to instil these qualities into the events’ staff.

Think about it – when you have to manage dozens of staff workers, make sure that hundreds of guests are all comfortable and entertained, see that the event goes according to schedule and that all key parts of it get properly executed, among thousands of smaller jobs, you have to be a master multi-tasker to pull it off.

That’s actually one of the bigger reasons people even hire event organisers – with so much to plan, most would simply become overwhelmed and inevitably forget at least a few crucial details, which can and usually does cost the entire event.


Finally, no matter how good and experienced the event planner is, if he is not willing to communicate and go through planning the event together, then in the end it might be absolutely different than what you envisioned and wanted.

After the initial interview, constant communication is going to be required – perhaps you’ll start to see new opportunities for the event, or the event planner will want to suggest some improvements.

Now this does not mean that you should go ahead and micromanage the process of planning an event – the event planner is, after all, the professional with years of experience. You should trust that he knows best what approach will work. But no matter the event type, it’s still about your product, or about your company, and you should make sure your opinion is also considered and worked into the event planning process.

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