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Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Event Producers

What does the job description of a virtual event producer entail?

A virtual event producer is typically a person wearing many different hats within the one role. A virtual event producer’s day in the life consists of coordinating the people, resources, technical support and creative ideation of an event agency in order to design an engaging online event, or in this day and age – transform a traditionally physical event into the virtual space. Roles and responsibilities can range from the initial brainstorming of event idea, coordinating suppliers, optimising virtual platforms to include virtual sponsorship and engagement trackin, as well as ensuring client branding can be adequately translated into the virtual space to the client’s standards. Essentially, a virtual event producer is someone who has a firm grasp of what can be possibly delivered in the virtual space, and are always looking to push the boundaries of live, pre-recorded and interactive engagement for a clients’ audience. This varied role encompasses many branches of the virtual event planning process. One day of the week could require liaison between virtual event producer and technical support to ensure a satellite can be streamed on a particular platform, on the other end it could be spent in the studio directing recorded content for a virtual award ceremony. As there is a spectrum of responsibility, no two days are the same.

What are the challenges faced by a virtual event producer?

One of the major changes since the onset of covid-19 globally, revolves around the demand companies now have for a skilled virtual event producer. A lot of this role now revolves around the transformation process from physical to virtual, which brings with it a different set of challenges for a virtual event producer. Digital and social media marketing is an integral skill of any virtual event producer post-covid, ensuring exposure and event awareness reaches the desired audience, as well as converting outreach to RSVP’s through virtual pre-registration. This requires outside-the-square thinking to attract and convert audience reach, into virtual event participation, as sending a simple mailed/emailed invitation doesn’t quite ensure commitment to a virtual event. An example of Alive’s innovations from a virtual event producer, are incorporating a hybrid element to the invitation process, like a physical gift box with branded products prior to the virtual event commencement.  This ensures attendees are given double the exposure to branding & logo, and is once again are a part of the virtual event producer’s tasks to source and organise the preparation of such a package. Virtual event producers also face time crunch restraints with the coordination of multiple suppliers (AV/technicians), creative agency team, client, studio availability and external suppliers, so an organised diary and follow-up regiment is required to mitigate timing issues, especially for pre-recorded content which needs to be edited and approved in a timely manner.

How a virtual event producer succeeds

A virtual event producer will succeed with an organised schedule, habitual check in’s/follow ups and of course, open and honest communication with all internal and external stakeholders. The role of a virtual event producer is one that requires adequate delegation of tasks among team members and external suppliers, but the key to success in this position is to seamlessly coordinate all of these moving parts within the virtual event production process. A plethora of innovative virtual events have now become popularised, such as virtual award ceremonies, business summits, conferences, staff parties and business planning days. For a virtual event producer, the core objective of these incredible offerings is to manage client expectations surrounding budget and delivery. Once mastered, these key skills make for a seamless experience and a successful virtual event producer.

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