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How Event Management Companies Are Enhancing Brands with Digital Integration:

For all event management companies, utilising digital innovation is a part of the experience. Going ‘back to live events’ has been the talk of the town amongst everyone in events. Looking at how the industry has pivoted from in-person events to virtual, hybrid, and thinking outside the box, one thing for certain is that there are some things to consider when event planning.

Thankful for the 21st century and technological breakthroughs, digital enhancements have shaped the event management company industry.. Taking this into consideration, brands are utilising a digital concept to engage their audience in a magnitude of ways.

1. Who is the audience?

With brands bringing in digital design and structure to immerse their audiences into their events, it allows a long lasting impact on the attendee

Moving forward, event management companies are focusing on  bringing back  Public Exhibitions, Brand Activations, Product Launches, Conferences and Awards Nights; the industry  is evolving like no tomorrow with how digital integration is helping create exciting and spectacular events. Factoring this into event design to engage all audiences, is important. Whether it’s a quick Instagram check-in on your story, connecting with someone new on LinkedIn or maybe it’s a digital concept of an event; technology has a large role to play in event management companies and making these events help grow a company for multiple demographics.

2.What are some great examples of using digital integration?

If you think of using technology to help launch a brand, what are the first companies that come to your mind? Funnily enough, if you’re not utilising digital integration for brand activation, there is a possibility that the business will get left behind.

How do you use technology in your day-to-day life?

Event management companies focus on using digital integrations for brand activation, product launch or any public exhibitions makes the experience flow smoothly, helps the attendees be immersed into the brand and transforms normal events into extraordinary ones.

The experiential value for all clients is to create unforgettable events that create a long-lasting impact. New ways of running a business whilst managing to leave a lasting impression will no doubt result in both future record attendance and a successful turnout no matter what comes our way.

HP Printex utilised digital integration in the maze-like design to entice individuals to discover mini experiences. The immersive encounters allowed the individuals to feel what the brand was all about. We helped the brand achieve a higher engagement time which allowed attendees to absorb the brand for longer.

To raise awareness for HP Printex, as an event management company we gave the brand a refreshing approach to their event. Using the cultural insight that technology feels like a maze, we created a structure that replicated how many different smaller experiences create a larger solution.

The audience response was enthusiastic and our client was delighted.

3. Thinking outside of the box with digital integration and technology

Event management companies present endless possibilities with a number of tangible benefits which will accelerate with physical events coming up. To make brands stand out, sometimes we need to take a couple of steps back to create a strong foundation for the brand’s message. An example is to highlight what the experience is for the people using the brand’s product or service. Although technology is constantly evolving, people are the ones that are driving the change moving forward.

Through the power of storytelling and creating experiences that are exclusive to the brand,event management companies focus on allowing the audience to feel empowered and included. By embracing technological advancements, this is an exclusive opportunity for event management companies who will no longer be limited by the number of physical attendees or venue space. This allows an expansion of their audience to include a virtual concept alongside those who would rather attend the event in person.

With event management companies to become accessible to more people, it allows the individuals and companies to grow their database of contacts or prospective clients, create long-lasting experiences, and open everyone to new opportunities.

A Solution for Event Management Companies

Alive event production integrates all the important elements of event management. As an event management company with a network of content and technical experts, we make sure your experience runs seamlessly from beginning to end, regardless of what type of event.

Event management companies  involves creative, knowledgeable, and specialised experts to ensure that the strategy executed for the client reflects what was originally envisioned. As an event management company, we facilitate virtual networking, multimedia content, audiovisual production, and any other aspect that may be needed for the success of your event. Our team can provide advice and direction on social media management ensuring that your event gains traction and excitement prior, during, and after.

With new ways of doing business shaking up retail, transport, and technology like never before – brands are motivated to get attention. Achieving this with an event management company demands a different approach for exposure in a competitive environment, it calls for ideas that are outside the box, bold and creative. As an event management agency, Alive has proven over and over again that if you want to stand out, you have to think and do things differently.

Alive’s CEO Antony Hampel is always utilising dynamic and different approaches to every single client to deliver memorable and engaging events to inspire and stimulate emotion. As an event management company we believe that experience is everything and you can do that in so many ways, which is what makes our agency different.

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